This archive is a summary of the efforts of the members of FOND (Friends of Norfolk Dialect), The Professional Development Centre and the participation and enthusiasm of nine local Norfolk Schools and their pupils.

Our aim is to continue this cultural development with more schools and organisations, by supporting them – and our existing participants – in the continuation of the preservation of Norfolk’s rich dialect and cultural heritage.


The project was born from the desire by FOND to have the local dialect understood and appreciated by schools and the next generation as both a cultural heritage and ‘living thing’. The requirement of the national curriculum and the enthusiasm and interest of the Professional Development team of Norfolk Childrens Services produced a ‘marriage made in heaven’.

Local Heritage Initiative were excited by the project and provided approximately £25,000.

Of the original eleven schools who ‘signed up’ nine completed the project. They are:

  • All Saints Primary School
  • Brancaster Primary School
  • Diss High School
  • Firside Middle School
  • Forncett St Peter Church of England Primary School
  • Harleston C of E VA Primary School
  • Langham Village School
  • Sheringham Primary School
  • Thompson Primary School
  • Wymondham High School.

Each school received a day’s training from Prof. Peter Trudgill and members of the PDC alongside a member of FOND

This project has received national publicity, from features in The Guardian to The Sun to local TV and Radio. Activities culminated in a celebratory exhibition at the Forum and performances at the Royal Norfolk Show, as well as a Radio programme on Radio Norfolk.

The schools had help from either Spin Off Productions – a local theatre group – and/or Rig a Jig Jig – a local traditional music group. The actual projects selected by the schools varied considerably.

Each school laid on a presention of the project to their local population.

The sound files below are just a small sample of some of the work of The Norfolk Schools Dialect Project, Lost in Translation. We are keen to offer our continuing support to establishments wanting to learn from the people of Norfolk’s unique tradition. We have a number of resources available for free loan, including recording equipment, many more sound files, and our programmes for curriculum-linked education. Please get in touch to join us in our vision in keeping alive the richness and diversity of Norfolk’s cultural heritage.

Please click on the sound files below to hear some excerpts and commentary from the participants.

FOND Archive Fearvruts

Randum Loada Squit

  • Our President, Peter Trudgill, wrote a series of articles for the Eastern Daily Press from 2012-2016 - we have archived them all here for your enjoyment...

  • A nostalgic visit to Rookery Farm to see the wheat and barley being harvested the old-fashioned way with tractor and binder... Poetry too...

  • Allan Smethurst, The Singing Postman, was almost as famous as the Beatles in the 1960s' writing and singing songs in his native Norfolk dialect. Hev a listen!