From the F.O.N.D. Archives

  • A brief history of the Friends of Norfolk Dialect, (FOND), how, when and why we were formed and what we hope to achieve, I 'spose you'd call ut 'About Us'.

  • Newsletter of the Friends of Norfolk Dialect (FOND), it's packed full of interesting features, pictures and letters, all about what living in Norfolk means to you.

  • Lessons in ‘Broad Norfolk’ from our President, Peter Trudgill. From Basic Level, followed by the Introductory & Intermediate Levels to Advanced 'Broad Norfolk'.

  • A selection of Norfolk words, listed from A-Z, that have been around for a good many years, if you're a ‘local’ of course, you’ll know most of them already.

  • Taken from an 1883 directory of placenames – gives many examples of Norfolk towns and villages that are/were pronounced very differently to their spelling.

  • Our President, Peter Trudgill, wrote a series of articles for the Eastern Daily Press from 2012-2016 - we have archived them all here for your enjoyment...

  • A list of recommended Norfolk Dialect reading compiled by Keith Skipper, by no means comprehensive but a useful starting point for any enthusiasts.

  • Allan Smethurst, The Singing Postman, was almost as famous as the Beatles in the 1960s' writing and singing songs in his native Norfolk dialect. Hev a listen!

  • Sidney Grapes is best known and remembered for the Boy John letters which he wrote to the Eastern Daily Press from 1946 until his death, aged 70, in 1958.

  • A nostalgic visit to Rookery Farm to see the wheat and barley being harvested the old-fashioned way with tractor and binder... Poetry too...

  • This project, with nine Norfolk Schools, aimed to have the local dialect understood and appreciated by the next generation as part of their cultural heritage.

  • In 2003, FOND recorded a number of local Norfolk people, preserving their unique perspective of their lives in Norfolk, in their own words. Hev a listen!

Something you’d like to share?

The F.O.N.D. Archives are always being added to as we strive to protect the dialect of ‘Broad Norfolk’. If you have a collection of material that you think would be worth preserving for future generations, we would love to hear from you. We are interested in all formats of ‘Broad Norfolk’ material from the written word, prose and poetry, to sound recordings and video in whatever formats available.

Please Contact Us if you think you may have something of interest.