Prof Peter Trudgill, FBA, President of FOND
Honorary Professor of Sociolinguistics at the University of East Anglia

Speaking the Norfolk Dialect

Follow the links below to receive lessons in ‘Broad Norfolk’. Firstly, there is the Basic Level so as not to sound as if you come from somewhere else, followed by the Introductory Level to make you sound like you do come from Norfolk! Then there’s the Intermediate Level to have you sounding even more like you come from Norfolk, and, finally, there’s the Advanced Level by which time even us locals may be fooled into believing that you could, possibly, even come from Norfolk!

Best of luck, my ol’ bewties!

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Randum Loada Squit

  • Lessons in ‘Broad Norfolk’ from our President, Peter Trudgill. From Basic Level, followed by the Introductory & Intermediate Levels to Advanced 'Broad Norfolk'.

  • Sidney Grapes is best known and remembered for the Boy John letters which he wrote to the Eastern Daily Press from 1946 until his death, aged 70, in 1958.

  • A list of recommended Norfolk Dialect reading compiled by Keith Skipper, by no means comprehensive but a useful starting point for any enthusiasts.